Duurzaamheid - producten

Our passion from the beginning has been to create beautiful fashion for all to enjoy. Whilst fashion can't be entirely sustainable, we've taken steps to make it more sustainable. Through attention to detail and an innovative approach, we are committed to creating garments which leave a minimal environmental footprint without compromising on style or quality.


We pride ourselves on our Sarta Naturale range which features garments made from natural fibres such as cotton or silk. These are our kind-to-the-earth pieces which are staples for a conscious fashion collection.

Our Sock Talk range also stands attestment to this, showcasing our personality defining bamboo and cotton socks.

New and exciting, our handbag range has expanded to include vegan leather bags; stylish and sustainable.

We look forward to expanding on this with more natural fabrics coming on board.

Limited run collections

Each piece in our collection is brought in at a limited quantity as to reduce waste. Whilst each piece may have a limited quantity, we have a range of designs and shapes to choose from to aid in the curation of the perfect collection.

Exclusive patterns and designs

Behind every design, our talented team of in-house designers shapes the future of fashion. 

Our talented designer, Maddy, revolutionises the way we create our patterns. Her unrivalled creativity and expertise allows us to go beyond the conventional, resulting in our exclusive statement patterns which captivate and showcase unique style.

By consciously designing our pieces in-house, we are limiting the need to outsource creativity to allow us to promoting local designers artistry. This also allows us to create designs - such as our famed wrap dress - exclusive to us, from the visionary minds of our design team.

Read more about our sustainability journey.