Changing needs

We have always provided businesses with the opportunity to mix and match single units; however, your feedback has been taken on board and with the rising impact that our industry has on the environment, we recognised our duty in reducing our carbon footprint - opting to introduce pack sizes as a way to reduce our packaging waste whilst meeting your needs.

Unfortunately we will not be offering all items in pack sizes straight away - this is due to customer feedback and product restrictions. However, we will slowly introduce these over the coming months; with scarves and socks being included in the first launch. These changes will take effect from AW23.

Whilst we see this as the beginning of our sustainability journey, and we continue to educate ourselves on the topic, this change will lead to a reduction of our waste by 43%; a fantastic starting point on our journey. 

In addition, we have also looked to reduce our carbon footprint through the materials that package our products. We looked at the raw materials that create our packaging and looked to improve them - moving to circular packaging; our packaging is now 99% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. 

Read more about our sustainability journey.